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Anna Kopp, Director IT at Microsoft Germany was a guest at the Rittersaalrunde of Staufen AG and spoke with Janice Köser from the Staufen Academy prior to the event. 

Anna Kopp

Director IT

Microsoft Germany

Ms. Kopp, your topic is Digital Optimism, what is behind this headline? 

We need more confidence in the future. I would like to see more courage to try new technologies and more will to change in order to make our working world more flexible and better. Many companies and their executives fear loss of control over their organization and their employees when it comes to the topic of new work and the introduction of hybrid work models. Yet the vision is different, namely to improve working conditions for employees and make organizations more efficient. We need more optimism to ensure that we do not fall behind in the digital transformation. 

What does it take to successfully change? 

The will to change begins with a company’s orientation and must be actively supported by managers. New working models cannot be forced; above all, they require leadership qualities. For many executives, new collaboration models are a challenge. New Work requires new leadership behaviors that must be learned and applied. 

What will the working world look like in the future? 

We are heading towards a hybrid working world. We will work in the office, at home and on the road. We will also no longer recruit based on location, but in order to remain competitive, we will seek out the best employees, regardless of where they are located. I am also convinced of job sharing and the 4-day week. Several studies have confirmed that employees who can choose their working hours more flexibly are significantly more efficient. In order to successfully implement New Work models, it is not enough to just use new collaboration technologies; you have to be ready to evolve the company. 

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