A sustainable Way of Lean Transformation

A sustainable way of Lean Transformation

Pama is known worldwide for its quality in the field of boring/milling of
large mechanical components. 
Offers a complete and modern range of products, including machining centres that, with a wide availability of configurations, as well as high performance in terms of speed which in terms of removal capacity allow it to be used effectively in a wide variety of applications.

Founded in 1926 

PAMA has established itself worldwide for the tradition and technological excellence of its products. For over 90 years it has been developing and manufacturing boring machines, milling machines and machining centres and today is a world leader in the manufacture of large machine tools. More than 80% of the production is exported mainly to China, India, Russia, Germany and the United States, where PAMA operates with its own direct sales and technical assistance structures.

Lean process excellence

For years Pama has pursued excellence through the application of the logic of Lean Enterprise. The process of change has started with interventions to optimize the initial start-up phase of the order, assembly and management of suppliers. It then extended to the workshop, installations and service, culminating in recent times in the most advanced versions of Lean Enterprise such as those represented by ShopFloor Management and the Supply Chain Action Board. It is an excellent example of sustainability, i.e. the deep assimilation of the concepts of lean Thinking, which leads to an autonomous continuous improvement process.

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