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Our network of interim managers, which has steadily grown, allows us to provide an outstanding solution for difficult short-term managerial tasks. Our interim managers have held positions as CEOs, COOs, CROs, CFOs and CPOs, serving as operational support during capacity constraints or filling vacancies in a variety of titles. These include working as plant manager, supply-chain manager, international project manager and head of production, sales or purchasing.

By merging international market knowledge and local market data, we offer staff for top-ranking interim bookings, both nationally and internationally. The interim managers we deploy have decades of management experience as well as extensive technical and subject-matter expertise. Beyond that, they also put their Lean management experience to use, depending on the clients’ needs.

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What We offer

Our experts identify your challenges and leverage the potential in your business, customers, suppliers and partners. Their work focuses on applying international best practices and benchmarks.

With their experience in project and program management, our interim managers always have an eye on the big picture, thus enabling you to achieve your projects efficiently and expediently.

Professional members of supervisory and advisory boards expand your network and drive your company forward. They take part in strategic discussions, critically examine decisions and provide consulting in topics such as successorship.

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What our clients get

  • Outstanding leadership performance to actively shape your success
  • Resolving difficult management tasks in transformations, lines or projects
  • International BestPractice expertise with access to Staufen’s service portfolio
  • Quality guaranteed due to our international presence and global network
  • The right candidates for your challenges
  • Implementing your projects without long-term commitments
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