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Towards the market and your customers

Sales are the key strategic and operational factor in every company’s success. However, there are few areas in a company in which the value chain and waste are so closely interlinked. The reasons for this are multi-facetted, and they range from a lack of a strategically future-forward approach to weak points in corporate structures, procedures and data processing all the way to inadequate systems for planning, monitoring and incentives.

We support you in taking a holistic approach to orienting your sales and service departments towards market and client specifications. This helps you take the capacities and competences present in your sales and service system and direct them towards added-value activities. The results? Achieving the ideal market position with streamlined structures, efficient processes, success-oriented management and, last but not least, qualified employees.


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What we offer

  • Operationalizing a sales and service strategy based on Lean principles
  • Service: Expanding your business model from being a supplier of products to a supplier of solutions
  • Sales: Planning and implementing corporate successes
  • Preventing waste through Lean sales and service processes
  • Service: short lead times and rapid problem-solving for customers
  • Sales: increasing efficiency by identifying needs up to order processing

  • Analyzing the profitability of your services
  • Developing a portfolio that strategically increases your service sales and stands out from the competition

  • Designing an independent structure for sales and services based on ideal processes to ensure maximal proximity to your clients
  • Optimal structures in organization and distribution channels

  • Establishing systems that support sales and services
  • Using quantifiable KPIs for controlling your sales and service operations as the foundation of continuous improvement
  • Managing based on facts, figures and data via visual management of sales and service
  • Promoting Lean orientation in the company
  • Ensuring high availability
  • dependable supply of spare parts by using Lean principles and logistics processes
  • Continuing professional development of employees’ and managers’ competences by means of training and coaching on a mentorship basis
  • Supporting managers on their way to success
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What You Get

Better results – Increases in incoming work orders, sales and profit margins.

Top performance– Thanks to pragmatic and tried-and-true solutions which meet your individual needs.

Achieving results– Thanks to effective, practically-oriented and quantifiably implemented concepts from experts with major hands-on experience.

Sustainability – Our consulting approach enables management and employees to pursue the path to top performance independently

Market orientation – You benefit from our knowledge of the industry and markets and from our growth-oriented approach to consulting. Having greater proximity to customers and markets gives you a future-oriented market advantage.

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