Is this training suitable for you?

This training program is designed for Executives and Middle Managers, Quality Managers and IT Specialists. It focuses on all managers who want to take a global approach to developing themselves and their skills as well as successfully leading their company through transformation.

The fee for the 2-day program is €1,500.


  • 5S – method for optimising working standards
  • OPL – tool that describes the improvements implemented which become new standards
  • Problem Solving – how to identify, set up and attack a process problem
  • Visual Management – orientation to “management on sight” for the simplification of coordination processes
  • VSM – method for mapping processes with value in mind ” One Piece Flow” – solution for rapid process traversal
  • Line Balancing – method for levelling workloads between the different phases of a process

Why this training?

  1. Improve office activities and customer service (internal or external) by working on individual performance or process performance
  2. Create an open and concrete “improvement path”, applied to the faithful reconstruction of a “service factory” which, in addition to its technical contents, provides information on the opportunities and the most common improvement traps
  3. Overcome functional barriers and developing awareness of an end-to-end process, focusing on value creation
  4. Set up process measurement and monitoring systems, not only for the volumes produced, but also for its performance in terms of quality, cost and time



Being an excellent Lean Enterprise means being able to respond promptly, effectively and more efficiently to the customer needs (external and internal) – above all with the so-called “indirect” or transactional processes. “We have always done this”, “you can’t do otherwise”, “the system asks me”, “we are undersized”, are the typical objections of the actors of a rigid process, little oriented to the value creation, organizationally isolated, rarely measured. In the world of services, then, where the customer is an active part of the “process”, being Lean is the most coherent response to the competition, the demand for customized offers and the increasingly demanding challenges of the economy. Service Factory is the answer to this kind of problems and demands: distinctive and original, based on first-hand experience, value of error and teamwork. During the two days of workshop, in a concrete and involving way, we apply practically the Lean approaches in a service company recreated in the classroom. The aim is to use Lean methods and tools to reflect on the possibilities of increasing the effectiveness of our processes, increasing the level of service offered and the satisfaction of our resources, acquiring useful ideas for improvement.

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