Digital competences: a critical success factor for many companies

In the near future, to sustain the pace of technological development and to remain competitive in an unstable and rapidly changing market environment, going digital will increasingly be a necessity, not just an opportunity.
Many companies have already embarked on a digital transformation, known as Industry 4.0. In fact, more and more we are hearing about the Smart Factory, an interconnected network of machines, communication mechanisms and processing capabilities.
Technology, however, must be an enabler of the improvement process, not the end: it must be functional to goals and processes and not a “must have” by definition. One must also not run the risk of digitizing waste and make the correct investments, identifying the solutions that truly improve business processes and thus performance.
The Smart Factory according to the STAUFEN. approach, through the combination of Lean and Digital, avoids these issues and increases the value generated along the Value Stream.

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  • Analyze business processes and information assets in order to identify areas for improvement and define a strategic Digital Roadmap.
  • Provide a targeted strategy that involves the use of methodologies and tools to enable data collection, analysis, and management across the entire life cycle.
  • Increase the flexibility and efficiency of production through the introduction of the latest digital technologies, e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, VR, IoT, first on specific use-cases, then on the entire production process.
  • Research and selection of software solutions to optimize and redesign workflows within the enterprise.
  • Improve market competitiveness by acquiring skills and technologies from outside, e.g., startups, programmers, etc.


Optimization of operational efficiency

Consistency between business strategy and operational processes

Simplification of decision-making processes

Effective use of resources

Improved adaptability to change and responsiveness to market needs

Identifying, prioritizing and quantifying digital investments

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