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April 12, 2024

Modular Product Design

INCREASE REACTIVITY AND PROFIT WITH PRODUCT MODULARIZATION FREE LIVE STREAMING | 14/05/2024 – 05:00 P.M. with odexa Do you want to offer your customers a wide range of products, with customization options, but reduce costs and achieve better product performance? By applying Modularization and Standardization you can! In a so-called customer’s market and an increasingly…

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February 19, 2024


LEAN LEADERSHIP TRAINING LIVE TRAINING | 21/03/2024 – 09:00 A.M. – 06:00 P.M. | AT ENDRESS+HAUSER Increasingly complex and unstable supply chains, highly demanding market, energy crises, technological innovations: how to stay competitive? How to be flexible and respond to challenges without getting disrupted? By building a Leadership Process that suits your company! Leaders, by performing specific tasks, enable employees to quickly align…

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Digitalisierung Mann mit Daten in der Hand
January 9, 2024 News Germany, News Switzerland

“Digitalization 2024” Study: A superficial data analysis causes many companies to fly blind strategically 

Six out of ten industrial companies in the German-speaking region admit that the analysis of their data is only scratching the surface at best, according to the alarming results of the latest “Digitalization 2024” study. Yet, as if that were not enough: Because, even they are often unfamiliar with the significance and context of much of the data, many companies do derive parts of their strategies from it.

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December 20, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy 2024!

Once again this year on the occasion of Christmas we express our good wishes by sharing with you two projects in which we believe and have placed our support: D.i.Re: with 87 organizations and about 3,000 activists works every day to stop, fight and prevent violence against women. With our donation, we support their work,…

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Header Seal Best of consulting award
December 1, 2023 News Germany

Best of Consulting: “Wirtschaftswoche” honors Staufen AG with an award for its Operational-Excellence project at Skoda

Staufen AG receives prestigious ‘Best of Consulting’ award from ‘Wirtschaftswoche’ for outstanding Operational Excellence project at Skoda. The project focused on optimizing and integrating processes, leadership methods, and IT systems across Skoda’s international locations. Learn more about this successful project in the latest Staufen Magazine.

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November 20, 2023

Academy Program 2024

Do you want to remain competitive in a highly demanding and rapidly changing market environment? Do you want to be able to cope with the exogenous factors that challenge your company every day, such as energy crises, technological innovations, supply chain difficulties? Our 2024 Academy Program is for you! Download the Academy Program 2024 for free!

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November 13, 2023 Global News, News Germany

Qualified for the Future – With the Staufen-Seminar Schedule 2024

Changes in technology and the shortage of skilled workers are both factors that are making continuing education an increasingly important issue for companies. The Staufen Academy’s diverse portfolio of courses will continue to provide the necessary tools for success in the coming year. 

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