Is this training suitable for you?

This training program is designed for Industrial Managers, Operations Managers, Plant Managers, Production Managers and Lean Experts. It focuses on all managers who want to take a global approach to developing themselves and their skills as well as successfully leading their company through transformation.

The fee for the 2-day program (training on demand) is €1,500.


Industry 4.0 is an evolution of production and logistics processes. Taking into account the principles of value creation One-Piece-Flow and Smart-FactoryUnit, SEW-EURODRIVE has already started to implement its vision of Industry 4.0 in its plants such as those in Graben-Neudorf (Germany), Solaro (Milan, Italy) and in many other countries, developing systems to perform logistics, assembly and production functions.

Why this training?

  1. It is an experiential formation. Participants will build a SEW-EURODRIVE gearmotor and go through a first phase of optimization  thanks to the application of the Lean principles
  2. Applying some of the enabling technologies 4.0, partecipants will go through a second phase of digitization
  3. The different performances will be compared to understand the real opportunities offered by Lean + Smart



Mass customization, particularly important in the Italian context, can receive decisive support from digitization. However, we must bear in mind that the digital solutions are the mean and not the purpose. It is therefore necessary to know how to avoid what, with a simple but effective slogan, has been called the “digitization of waste“. This course aims to teach how to think first of the streamlined optimization of the production process, then of its digitalization, as a facilitation of further efficiencies that are impossible with traditional non-digital systems.

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