A better world needs better buildungs

Fast deliveries increasing productivity

We develop advanced solutions for the window hole that simplify the design phase and guarantee comfort and healthy environments. We love our planet, which is why we seek maximum energy efficiency and sustainability of the entire product life cycle.

For more than 40 years…

Alpac designs and produces advanced solutions for window hole management: insulating monoblocks for roller shutters, sunshades, blackout blinds, and shutters, to which is added the wide range of containers and the new line of monoblocks with integrated VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation).

Alpac promotes the culture of energy efficiency, is a ClimateHouse partner and member
AIPE (Associazione Italiana Polistirene Espanso).
It is the first company in the field of energy saving and eco-sustainability to
to have adopted the philosophy of the Lean Production System.

Lean Transformation process

A Lean Transformation of the Alpac production system has been started more than 3 years ago.

A new production layout has been designed, oriented to the value stream flow and 
able to support current and future business requirements and market needs.
Thanks to autonomous flows for various product elements, with balanced work cycles and
just-in-time feeding  for components, waiting times, flows and handling operations reductions have been reached.

Overall achievements are: WIP and manufacturing Lead Time reduction (-80%), order to delivery lead time reduction (-20%).

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