Is this training suitable for you?

This training program is designed forIndustrial Managers, Operations Managers, Plant Managers, Quality Manager, Production Managers and Lean Agents. It focuses on all managers who want to take a global approach to developing themselves and their skills as well as successfully leading their company through transformation.

The fee for the 2-day program is €1,500.


The experience of the Kart Factory® IOT module will guide participants through a real Lean improvement path based on “facts & figures”, which will allow participants to experience flexible solutions to digitize information directly in the genba.

Why this training?

  1. Understand the usefulness of having targeted, accurate and timely information with flexible and smart data collection
  2. Learn the use of simple but modern tools (without having to wait for the implementation of the usual technological “mega solution”)
  3. Leverage data to improve process performance



How many times are the data we need not available? How many times would we need to collect information quickly and systematically? How many times have we come up against the “muda” of filling in forms (and its inaccuracies)? Technology becomes an enabler of the improvement process when it allows decisions and priorities for improvement to be based on real data and information. With the Kart Factory® IOT workshop you can learn how to do this.

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