Discover the potential in your Back-office

Lean Transformation can be a factor in the success.

Lean processes are something you can not only promote and implement in front-line areas such as production. Lean transformation can be a factor in the success of your competitiveness in your back-office departments as well. In serial production, business often operate at their limits, whereas in the back office there are frequently unsuspected ways to increase productivity.

Based on our tried-and-true Lean principles and methods, we quickly identify specific approaches towards optimization and then use them to develop realization concepts we jointly implement with your employees on site.

We also support you in visualizing department-specific KPIs and can help you make the changes you have implemented transparent as well as taking early countermeasures in the event of non-compliance.

This lets you drastically lower your lead time while simultaneously increasing the quality of your operating results and measurably improving the efficiency of your administrative processes. Furthermore, you can strengthen your employees’ motivation and improve their customer orientation. As a result, you will have lower overhead, much more satisfied customers and greater success on the market.


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Marco Raveggi

Senior Expert of STAUFEN.ITALIA



What we offer

  • Establishing an office added-value system by implementing BestPractice standards.
  • In specific tasks by applying Lean methods and approaches
  • Implementing strategies to increase effectiveness and efficiency in corporate support processes and functions
  • Creating support structures oriented towards the value stream
  • Setting up efficient office workspaces by implementing stable and low-waste processes

  • in back-office processes, functions and departments
  • Visual management and regular communications
  • Deviation management, “go & see,” structured problem solving
  • Management journals, process controlling and confirmation
  • Mentoring by management: developing employees’ problem-solving competence
  • Management coaching: turning managers into mentors

  • Optimizing work-place design and collaboration 

  • Training and coaching concepts that are customized to particular target groups and hierarchy levels
  • Company-specific training and sensitization programs
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Structured analyses of organizational and cost factors
  • Systematically identifying approaches to improvement
  • Developing, planning and consistently implementing solutions
  • Ensuring effectiveness and sustainability
  • Lowering cost structures down to the added-value components
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What you get

  • Shorter lead times and greater results
  • Lower overhead
  • Improved administrative efficiency
  • Greater customer orientation, which leads to greater customer satisfaction
  • Increased motivation among your employees
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