THE Customer is king

Consumers are Posing ever higher requirements of the food industry

When we go into a supermarket or to the discounter, our expectations are clear: well-filled shelves and refrigerator cases; selection of manufacturer brands and private labels; constant shape, color, freshness; and all of this preferably at a sale price.

These expectations are increasingly being complemented by a focus on content (healthy, natural and “DOC” food) and on environmental and social sustainability.

To ensure that customer expectations can also be met in the future, storage times in the food industry must be reduced, processing times further reduced, processes stabilized and further optimized.

Today, Italy’s and Europe’s leading industrial sector faces major challenges.

More than 80% of manufacturing companies are mid-sized and small. Staying competitive in a highly competitive arena also means

  • Knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities provided by technology
  • Choosing the right strategy (specialization or diversification)
  • Identifying the right balance between developing your own products/brands and producing for third parties
  • Defining the proper people management model

Smaller production batches, shorter downtime and changeovers, motivated and skilled employees are critical success factors. Moreover, Industry 4.0 is forcing small and large companies to rethink and use data more intelligently. On the other hand, increased complexity and reduced product shelf-life also pose new challenges for food companies. All of this requires new and stronger interpretations of leadership behaviors.

Collaboration upstream and downstream in increasingly service-oriented supply chains is becoming a critical success factor, as is the ability of those who produce their own brands to develop effective and efficient distribution and sales processes.

Our industry experts will help you developing excellence in process and leadership, increasing value creation. For both, our consultants will provide you with guidance and resources. Our solutions will help you successfully master industry challenges and develop your company in a long-term, sustainable manner.

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  • Process stabilization and optimization
  • Organizational and leadership development
  • Rapid innovation as a competitive advantage
  • Customer orientation

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