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Improve Productivity with all people: Leadership and Shopfloor Management

For over 120 years we’ve pursued a business vision in which the passion for work, for the product and for the territory in which it operates are central. Values that have been part of Lavazza’s DNA since its inception in 1895 and carried on by four generations of entrepreneurs. 

Among the main coffee roasters in the world …

Lavazza Group is now present in over 90 countries through subsidiaries and distributors, with 63% of its revenues generated abroad. Lavazza employs a total of around 3,000 people, with a turnover of 2 billion euros in 2017. Lavazza invented the concept of blending, or the art of combining different types and geographical origins of coffee, a characteristic that still distinguishes most of its products today. The Lavazza industrial system is divided into six production plants: three are based in Italy, one in France, one in India and one in Brazil. The Turin plant (Settimo Torinese) is one of the largest and most modern plants in the world for the production of roasting and coffee production. The key processes are those of roasting and packaging of products in grains and ground (roast & ground).

Behind the quality of products …

Lavazza also pursues process excellence by successfully applying the Lean philosophy. The change path has undergone a strong acceleration thanks to the introduction of the ShopFloor Management first in the pilot area, in the packaging department, and then extended to the entire plant. The strong involvement of all the staff, both in production and in the support processes, has enabled the plant to obtain an important series of results in terms of production plant efficiency (OEE) thanks to the ability to to address all performance deviations in a timely and systematic manner.

Discover Lavazza’s success story

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New Coffee Culture

Interview with Michele Galbiati – Head of Manufacturing, Lavazza

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