We believe that training brings value when it affects skills, behaviours and company organisation. From our point of view, effective training is linked to the practical application on the field (Genba) and to the critical re-reading of the experiences made (lessons learned). Only with the application we really understand, learn and make our own improvements. That is the reason why we have decided to make available to our customers the JMAC know how with the Dōjō. The Dōjō experiential trainings focus on the direct involvement of people by increasing learning through the application of improvement solutions alongside our experts. Dōjō (Dō = street, path; Jō = place) is a Japanese term that

literally means “The place where you practice the street” and indicates the place where martial arts training takes place. The Dōjō is an opportunity for research and experimentation of the correct management and operating methods that allow to obtain superior results in a path of continuous improvement. The Dōjō workshops deal with different themes, such as: standard work, assembly line, Leadership, Service, IOT and many others. Soft solutions can be flanked by physical or digital applications without ever entrusting improvement to tools alone. Each human resource is central to a process of improvement and innovation.

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