Simple circuits are becoming a thing of the past. Even straightforward components nowadays are complex, and customers’ demands are constantly increasing. As digitization takes hold more and more, what counts most is intelligent components and devices — parts which can communicate with other objects via their own IP address.

Consequently, product development is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the innovative pressure on businesses — many of which are family-operated — is growing as well. There are also innovative competitors waiting to launch their complete solution packages. They sell not only smart electronic devices; they can also analyze these components’ data. 

Meanwhile, many companies are struggling with the problems of increasingly small batch sizes and constant rises in manufacturing variants. This is a major challenge for the industry, a large proportion of which consists of mid-sized companies. Furthermore, the classic workshop-oriented production towards large batch sizes limits companies in terms of their flexibility.

Having many interfaces leads to inefficient procedures. The result: long lead times and relatively high production costs. And this is a situation companies can ill afford, since pressure from inexpensive competitors overseas is continuing to increase.

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At Staufen, experience has shown that  many companies are continually working on optimizing their processes in the manufacturing environment. But not only processing has to be lean and efficient: every area of the company should be properly structured, from R&D to administration all the way to sales.

This is because Lean management truly reaches its full potential when it is value-stream oriented from the very beginning of the production cycle to the very end — as a comprehensive approach defined by leadership and added-value excellence.

Staufen has already guided numerous companies in the industry along their path to transforming with Lean excellence. You too can profit from our experience.

Electronics and electrotechnology companies ensure their adaptability by becoming a learning organization. This allows them to distance themselves from rigid structures and attitudes so they can react flexibly to change.

With Shopfloor Management, companies create the necessary environment where learning is a fundamental principle. In every department of the company, it establishes a new leadership culture with managers who actively listen to what clients and employees have to say. Managers who become a coach and mentor for their team.

Rely on Staufen to put your management and leadership culture to the test. We can support you in this transition — from the lowest ranks of the company all the way to the executive suite.

Digitization is threatening well-established business models, including those in the electronics and electrotechnology industries. One in three companies is facing an existential threat, according to a current study Staufen conducted.

But in addition to the risks it poses, technological progress also offers major opportunities for companies. Business procedures can be further optimized with the help of digitization, connectivity and big data. At the same time, companies need to focus their attention on generating new projects and services. 

For mid-sized enterprises in particular, Industry 4.0 poses an enormous challenge. The experts at Staufen will guide you on the path towards a successful future by combining classic Lean design principles with new technical solutions.

Long lead times, large quantities of work-in-progress, and waste in the work process are the defining features of processing at many electronics and electrotechnical companies. Beyond that, companies have to adapt their processes to decreasing batch sizes and a rising number of manufacturing variants. One critical objective here is taming complexity.

The baseline situation indicates that  without having highly efficient and transparent processes, companies will not be able to hold their own among increasingly aggressive international competition. The task is to optimize value streams. Major steps along the way include interlinked processes, reduced amounts of work-in-progress, shorter lead times and high flexibility. The experts at Staufen will support you at every step.

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