Recycling is our Job

Shopfloor Management® and TPM for the global excellence

Both our products and the service that supports them are characterised by the constant search for the highest quality, in the logic of continuous improvement, safety and respect for the environment.

For more than a century we are working for a better world…

In 1902 Vincenzo Vedani took over a small artistic aluminum foundry in the centre of Milan, realising the great potential of this metal. Since 1935 Vincenzo’s son Carlo developed the business focusing to the recovery and recycling of aluminium and founded Vedani Carlo Metalli: the company specialised in the transformation of aluminium scrap, otherwise destined for disposal as waste.

In 1988 Somet, which had been established a few years earlier to take care of the commercial side of the business, acquired a foundry in Ambivere, in the Bergamo province, and in 1997 the new plant in Parona, in the Pavia province, came into operation, replacing the one in Milan on an area of 140,000 square meters.

Internationalization and diversification of initiatives have accelerated the transformations of recent years, with the entry of Marco, Edoardo’s son, who in 2005 took the reins of the business and guided it through the difficult times of the 2008 crisis to make it a fundamental pillar in the circular economy. Since June 2013, Vedani Carlo Metalli has changed its name to Intals.

The ShopFloor Management® journey combined to Total Productive Maintenance

Developing a TPM Project without solid day-to-day management within the Department can be inefficient. Just as it can be ineffective to start dealing with Maintenance Processes without having a “container” where Leaders are already trained to communicate, solve problems at the root, and grow their People.

That’s why Intals chose to deal with both issues: by creating regular communication on performance and standards, cross-functional and cross-cutting. With different hierarchical levels it was possible to train department managers to solve problems at their own level, and to scale up complex ones with new escalation rules. In addition, ShopFloor Management® made it possible to create an environment in which to give feedback to People on a routine basis, and to replace long morning meetings with short and efficient stand-up meetings.

At this point the introduction of the TPM Pillars was even more effective and the result was not only an increase in Performance, but also an unprecedented consistency and stability of KPIs.

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