Passion for customers and their well-being

Lean Sales and Shopfloor Management® for the development of the Organization

All our work, what we do every day, our CULTURE of the product, the CARE in making it, the CONTROL of the raw material and the production processes, you can see and taste it on your dish.

Selection and attention to customer tastes

Centro Carni Company, founded in 1979, deals with the processing and transformation of beef and especially with the boning phase and the production of prepared and portioned products (over 20 million KG of processed meat per year).

The company has three production departments and markets its products both under its own brands, which are undergoing strong commercial development, and under its customers’ brands.

In recent years, CCC has recorded a large increase in turnover, exceeding one hundred million euros, mainly developed on the domestic market, for a share of 85%, although it exports to 21 countries.

The main reference markets are large-scale retail trade, commercial and collective catering, and industry.       

The company is positioned in its sector as one of the top three processing companies with a strong quality in the selection of raw materials and attention to the end customer.

Lean Transformation journey: from Vision to improvement plans

Over the last few years Centro Carni Company has started a deep company transformation process guided by Lean principles.

The constant growth of the company over the last decade and the ever-increasing competition in the reference market made the shareholders aware that a significant process of organisational, managerial and cultural change had to be undertaken: from a “family” company with a strong product focus to a “managerial” one, which combines quality and passion with innovation and attention to the customer and the service provided.

All this while preserving the two pillars on which Centro Carni Company has based its success: “people” and “customer value”.

 The definition of the Company’s Vision in 2017 made it possible to draw up a development road map that indicated the priorities for action to make the company’s growth and market positioning constant and sustainable over time.

The improvement and transformation activities started in the commercial area, and then extended to operations, purchasing, marketing and R&D, involving all company areas and most of the employees.

The significant results obtained to date by Centro Carni Company demonstrate that:

– spreading the culture of Continuous Improvement (in line with the company Mission);

– involve employees and encourage their professional growth

– standardise processes and implement improvement actions in a structured manner

– disseminate knowledge

– improve communication processes

are some of the essential ingredients of a sustainable Lean Transformation project.

Read the Interview to Nicola Pilotto, Finance and Administration director

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