People with a passion for snack

Excellence in Maintenance process management

We are an Italian family-owned and operated company specialized in the production of chilled and frozen snacks (milk snacks, ice cream biscuits, sandwiches, ready meals, pizza, baked and fried snacks, desserts) for the food service and retail channels. Consumer satisfaction is always at the heart of our development and production process. With this mindset, we create in our industries not only snacks, but above all solutions, with the aim of satisfying the diversity and variety of our customers’ needs and strategy.

Cooking: a lifelong passion…

At Richetti, cooking is a shared passion.

The sense of our company is to discover and spread the cultural heritage of the culinary tradition, preserving simplicity, diversity and quality, incorporating them with respect for the Environment and Nature.

This means innovative, healthy and accessible products that can be consumed on the move with no constraints of space or time, with the great aim of combining tradition with new needs and modern knowledge.

Maintenance Excellence journey

Achieving Maintenance Excellence can be a tortuous journey. There are many obstacles to overcome and questions to answer. How many spare parts do you need? Which management policies to use? How much budget to dedicate? Will we need an information system to manage maintenance activities? What will the new organisation look like?

What Richetti has done, however, is to understand that in order to train oneself to be a good leader, visual management combined with regular structured communication is a playing field on which one can measure oneself daily and achieve better performance day after day.

By implementing regular structured communication across organisational levels and departments, combined with visual management of maintenance activities, a tangible improvement in OEE, MTBF and line productivity and quality KPIs was achieved in a short time.

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