Wireless Control in total Safety

AUTEC is a leading manufacturer of wireless control devices with safety functions, used for the remote control of mobile or fixed position machines for countless applications in construction, industrial, handling.

Customization tailored to the customer’s needs

Autec customizes wireless control systems to soddisfy thedifferent customer needs. Before and after the sale, you can rely on an international sales and service network and professional customer service for their customers.

The focus is on basic skills and technological improvement. The research and development team, application engineers and design experts works together for be the leaders in radio technology integration industry. The company invests meaningfully in the latest generation technologies to develop new wireless interfaces, continuing to support future growth.

Increasing competitive capacity in the medium/long term with Lean Thinking

Autec has undertaken for years a systemic and systematic process of development of its organization, based on the principles of Lean Thinking, with the aim of supporting its growth and maintaining it over time.

In particular, the product development process has been strengthened through increasingly professional project management in a multi-project environment. A strict control of the allocation of resources is made, in order to avoid misleading planning with infinite capacity, and the progress of projects, with simple visual systems that effectively connect the various company functions and hierarchical levels.

In the same way, Shop Floor Management ®, allows the control of production progress, the fast management of deviations, the identification of constant problems on which to initiate continuous improvement processes. The Production ReKo’s have been started with process confirmation, escalation rules, coaching.

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