Campetella Robotic Center, Pioneer of the Industrial Automation

Our customers are our real partners, whom we want to create long lasting relationships with. These must be based upon trust and honesty, and upon innovative solutions develop to effectively satisfy their real needs.

We are an Italian family-owned and operated company specialized in the production of chilled and frozen snacks (milk snacks, ice cream biscuits, sandwiches, ready meals, pizza, baked and fried snacks, desserts) for the food service and retail channels. Consumer satisfaction is always at the heart of our development and production process. With this mindset, we create in our industries not only snacks, but above all solutions, with the aim of satisfying the diversity and variety of our customers’ needs and strategy.

The growing path walked by Campetella over the last decades is based on a robust planning whose milestones are:

  • The creation of a company “vision”, shared by the first hierarchical layer, that clearly identifies the CAMPETELLA medium range strategy (3-5 years) , with the deployment of target, actions and deadlines.
  • The new needs of the target customers clusters have been identified through the mapping of the “Customer Journey” of the strategic customers/partners
  • The commercial organization, as far as mission, responsibilities and competences of current and new roles are concerned, have been revised, with the aim to deliver robust technical solutions to the customers’ issues, and to develop a proactive approach and an orientation more and more focussed on the target industries and their needs.
  • The development of an approach aimed to stabilize the long lasting relationships with the main customers and to search for new ones, able to utilize and promote the brand and the solutions by Campetella.

In the last 6 years the turnover increased 113%, and nowadays Campetella is internationally recognised as a highly reliable partner for the industrial automation, thanks to the adoption of the lean methodologies.

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