About the author

Fabrizio Marchi

Prior to joining STAUFEN, I worked for 16 years in three multinational industries (Saint-Gobain, Watts Industries, KDC-ONE), gaining experience in Finance and holding a variety of roles in Operations: Planning, Quality, Maintenance, Lean, Plant Management, Engineering.
After achieving WCM Black Belt, I held the role of Lean Leader for over seven years, promoting the growth of the culture of continuous improvement and safety. I then assumed coordination of all EHS activities, working in teams at the EMEA level.
As a Lean Leader, I facilitated the design and implementation of stock replenishment systems with supermarket between different plants.
At the local level, I focused on visual management, organizing a structured meeting system according to tiered levels with benchmark metrics, developing problem solving skills, and understanding true customer value.
As Engineering Mgr., with my team I was responsible for the purchase of numerous machining centers (assembly, packaging, machining), taking care of every aspect of them until final testing.

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