About the author

Gianluca Fazio

Gianluca earns a PhD in Computational Chemistry in 2018 during which he delves into the use of high-performance computing and advanced data analysis to study photocatalytic reactions. During his academic studies, he perfects public speaking and problem solving skills, and collaborates on international basic research projects. Since 2018, he has been working for Industrie De Nora, a leading Italian multinational company in components for the electrochemical industry, in the Global Operations & Innovation function. During his career, he supported the creation of the innovation function and led the implementation of a global information system for managing innovation ideas and continuous improvement. Since 2021, he has led a global project on the implementation of process mining to serve master data governance for production planning and scheduling. More recently, he has been in charge of defining a Digital Innovation program aimed at implementing the Smart Factory concept in harmony with the lean philosophy, and expanding De Nora's product offerings for end customers through the development of digital services.

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