About the author

Pasquale D’Attoma

-8 years of experiences in multinational companies in  different industrial fields ( Automotive, Medical Device, machinery for handling and lifting, manufacturing). In these experiences I covered the role of Lean leader with focus on Lean production/Continuous improvement and Lean Transformation.
-Trainer on Lean tools and Lean Thinking through theory and practice with a Lean game.
-I achieved the Green Belt and Black Belt six sigma certifications with a project on scrap reduction. After these certifications, I am following scrap reduction projects.
Implementation of Kaizens and continuous improvement projects:
-Project : changeover reduction for steel molding machineries.
-Project : final painting and assembly line relayout with a new system of feeding line with preassembled Kit .
-Project : autoquality method implementation in the production line, removing redundant quality control.
-Kaizen: production cells implementation.
-Kaizen: Lead time reduction in Incoming inspection
-Kaizen: Kanban system implementation with Heijunka Box and supermarket.
-KPI management implementation on three level (plant, value stream and shoopfloor) dashboard across 8 plants

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