michele dal ri

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Michele Dal Rì, now director of product development at PAMA, in his career, which began in the supply chain, had to manage the increasing complexity of materials planning and management during a phase of growth in turnover and product portfolio for a company that makes large milling equipment. He was able to delve into and apply lean manufacturing concepts, which led him to understand the importance of product structure and the need to make it modular to exploit its full potential.

The operation of a company is composed of millions of actions that its employees perform every day, of which many are unnecessary, most are necessary but inefficient, and some are useful but their effect does not trickle down to each unit of product. Scouting them out one by one, eliminating them or optimizing them is almost impossible, but they have a common origin: complexity. At first glance it seems to depend on an increasingly demanding and articulated market; in reality it is mostly the result of choices that are not entirely conscious. Modularity is the only antidote that eliminates complexity without affecting the customer offering.


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