In every ‘USA’ company there is an even better one.

Operational Excellence
Porträt Nick Phillips

Partner, Head of Industrial Practice

In July of 2023, Nick joined Staufen as a Partner in the USA. He has been leading value-based consulting transformations since 2011 and grew up as an engineer in the Automotive industry with Volvo and BMW. He joins Staufen USA from Deloitte Consulting.

Over the past 20 years, Nick has had the opportunity to serve many of the largest Automotive OEMs and Aerospace and Defense companies in the world. When asked to de-scribe his experience, he said “It’s been a humbling and incredibly rewarding career solving the difficult issues my customers face. Working through big challenges with people builds meaningful relationships, that’s the most rewarding part of consulting.”


How do you think the economy in the USA will develop in the next few years, and how is this driving your customer’s needs?

The current US economy is strong but impacts from the pandemic remain. Fragmented supply chains and high material costs are disrupting delivery and pressuring margins, making efficient operational executiona core concern. Capacityand lead-timesare still a major issue, increasing the need to remove operational bottlenecks and improve planning capabilitiesto adjust to rapidly changing demand levels.

The future US economy is expected to contract; customers are focused on product cost reduction, and margin improvement. Capital investment to near-shore(or re-shore) for reduced dependency on non-domestic supply chains has increased dramatically. We are seeing a high number of new facilities coming on line, driving the need for process improvement, standardization across sites,and operating model implementationsfocused on efficient execution, management, and leadership processes.

How can Staufen USA support local companies?

Our service offering is very well matched to the issues companies are facing in the US. We use a partnership-based approach to achieve our customers desired outcomes.

Companies are operating in an increasingly complex, uncertain, and challenging environment. The demands on operational and indirect processes in terms of adaptability and performance are increasing; this requires a stable, and at the same time, flexible process in order to stay competitive.

Our contribution to support companies in the USA: we Implement P&L centric processes and tools that allow our customers to effectively counter increasing cost and performance pressures while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Why Staufen?

Staufen is a company relentlessly focused on people, on relationships, and on achieving client outcomes. We are a global organization of deep specialization and our team members in the US are an extension of what is so well known in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and South America.

Staufen AG, with its headquarters near Stuttgart, Germany, provides support to companies around the world with its staff of 350 employees. The integrated academy offers certified, practice-oriented training courses. In 2022, Staufen has been honored with the “World’s best management consulting firms” award by the “FORBES” journal.

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