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As a manufacturer of engines, MTU Aero Engines is part of a global industry, and with a total of over 9,000 employees, the company is a major name in the aviation sector. It felt a growing pressure to review its in-house processes, so it could hold its own against international competitors. What it realized was that to reach new altitudes, it would have to go deep into the heart of its own strategy. Proceeding with the same meticulous care as it does in its production and maintenance, MTU Aero Engines dismantled its management system with the help of Staufen – and reconstructed it with the help of Shop Floor Management, turning the company’s work processes into a more powerful and efficient instrument.

Ready for departure

MTU Aero Engines is active in a very volatile, high-growth market with extremely detailed client specifications. Engine programs require the greatest possible precision, a zero-tolerance strategy and absolute dependability in meeting deadlines. MTU, a company rich in tradition, is committed to its site in Germany, and as a result there is an even greater focus on work processes that are competitive and can meet the challenges of the future.

The company took the plunge into its new approach in mid- 2013. An optimized form of Shop Floor Management was used to make productions more efficient, and the focus was on clear and uncomplicated communications between employees and managers. Senior management also wanted to ensure a sustainable change that could be seen in the bottom line as well.

By implementing Shop Floor Management, we made major progress in leadership efficiency and company performance.

lars wagner, member of the executive board, head of engineering, mtu aero engines ag

Like interlinked cogs of a gear

The site leaders’ clear commitment to successfully implementing the project was a key element of helping employees learn to trust this new approach to enhancing efficiency. With the assistance of the corporate consultants at Staufen, MTU launched two lighthouse projects. Managers were accompanied by trainers who asked them to question their own approach to communication, and they also had to seek out employee feedback. Consequently, new processes and communication paths were established, and decisions are now made faster and more clearly at the appropriate level. And since Shop Floor Management was developed in close conjunction with the staff, multipliers from within the company can help continue developing the project.

A smooth landing

The consultants and management team jointly developed key process indicators, so they could strategically control daily processes and decisions. There is now a cascade approach to regular communications between employees and supervisors. The relevant KPIs are posted on standardized boards at a highly visible place. Transparency makes it clear to employees what steps are necessary, and that facilitates decisions. As a result, a continuous improvement process can take place. The managers are now on site every day and can support their employees in solving problems.

We want to offer our clients the right products of the right quality at the right time and the right place by working together as well as we can.

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