ValueStreamer — Thank you very much for the great teamwork


Thank you very much for the great teamwork

Cooperation and management in the digital age

A statement like this is the highest praise that you can earn in business. 

None other better indicates that you did something right, and none other can better celebrate joint progress. These words describe how two or more people have brought a project into the home stretch successfully, without having anyone feel at a disadvantage, overwhelmed or even cheated.

People and technology are developing constantly, however not always at the same speed. 15 years ago, the declared intention was to organize cooperation with paper cards using shop floor boards in the Gemb a; today, however, we are facing new challenges. Global value streams and greater acceptance of IT systems thanks to smartphones mean that it’s impossible to ignore the Shop Floor Management methodology.

Yet, anyone who believes that it’s possible to cram all the facts from the paper board into a static display on the screen and call this digital Shop Floor Management (dSFM) should be forewarned. There is additional work to be done here, as well as a dilution of the method. Since cooperation only takes place between people, they have to communicate with one another personally. Mailing handmade KPIs on a spreadsheet from A to B, C, D, and Z isn’t the way to go.

Digitalization is supposed to help us become more precise and assist us rather than separating us. We achieve greater precision by avoiding media disruptions, automatically feeding third-party systems such as ERP and MES directly on the board, and also by eliminating handwriting. Digital assistants create the KPIs, both their content and their display, and along the entire cascade. This reduces the number of transmission errors, saves time when preparing meetings, and lets you see right away which topics should be examined in greater detail. The goal is to get a grip on the less important work in order to be able to concentrate primarily on problem-solving. And there is another benefit: the standardized, automatic creation of digital KPIs that are available globally – in real time. Even if in the era of the current pandemic, “global” can mean from Stuttgart to Sindelfingen. In such cases, a webcam can bring the stakeholders to the Gemba. A digital archive provides a quick look back and, with structured deviation management, can drastically reduce the time required for deviation management, whether in production, purchasing or customer service. The transparent “real-time dashboard” enables better analyses and thus trend statements for the future. The digital shop floor board with the appropriate management instruments becomes the hub for factual transparency on a global level and helps to organize cooperation across the entire cascade. This improves all participants’ ability to act and negotiate and leads to better results. So consider when sending your next KPI about whether the response will be

“Thank you very much for the great teamwork. ”

We now have the opportunity– at all times and from anywhere- to inform ourselves about the current state of production. This way, we can communicate and solve problems faster.” The result is clear benefits for this medical technology manufacturer, for example, in location-spanning cooperation, responsiveness, transparency, and maintenance of the KPIs, but also in the archiving and evaluation of deviations and measures in the sense of a knowledge database.

Jens priebe, head of lean production, siemens healthineers

EJOT, a medium-sized connection and fastening technology company, established Shop Floor Management several years ago and has now started to digitalize the shop floor rounds. “The benefits of a digital tool became clear quickly here. In particular, the clear and user-friendly interface of the application in the web browser makes our day-to-day work easier. We can also conduct our SFM rounds better across plants, which helps us especially with project management and sales. Thanks to the ability to connect third-party systems, data can be visualized without media discontinuities and used for structured problem-solving. This is recognized as a benefit in more than just the indirect area. We are enthusiastic about the concept. Digital Shop Floor Management is helpful for us in all situations where processes are controlled across several departments, as they are in production. That’s why we use the ValueStreamer there too, and why we will gradually replace the analog boards with digital SFM boards.

christoph peters, manager of improvement processes, ejot holding gmbh & co. KG



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