Consulting Awards: STAUFEN. has been named among the world’s top consulting firms by Forbes / Excellent reputation in industry and automotive sector

September 14, 2022

The American business magazine Forbes listed the management consulting firm as one of the leading companies in its recently presented ranking. Staufen is one of the top addresses, especially in industry, the automotive sector and for often family-run medium-sized businesses – both nationally and internationally.


The last point is underlined above all by the “World’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2022” ranking determined for the first time by “Forbes” in cooperation with Statista, for which the important consulting markets USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan were analyzed in detail. A total of 27 sectors and functional areas were analyzed. For example, Staufen ranks among the best in the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace, logistics, and food industries. The consultancy also made it into the top group in the consulting fields of strategy development, operations,

restructuring, organization and supply chain management.

David Frost also appreciates the close cooperation between the international offices of Staufen in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. The lean expert manages the Staufen branch in the USA from Atlanta. “We can tap our resources in Mexico, Germany or the rest of the Staufen world at any time. In addition, there is the wealth of knowledge in the Academy, from which we also benefit,” says the production expert.

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