Lean Thinking in the digital age

January 21, 2022 | News Italy

Lean Thinking with Process Mining: how to integrate and accelerate improvement

Lean Thinking and Process Mining represent the perfect integration of approach and tool for improving operational and business processes, their performance and their economic results.

The acquisition and analysis of digital traces, left by the process on any business system, make performance and anomalies immediately evident, allowing a better understanding of the opportunities for improvement and attributing to each of them an economic value deriving from the process efficiency, in order to calculate the economic impact of each change during the analysis phase and to better evaluate which interventions to prioritise.

Adoptable in any sector and business context, the benefits of Process Mining are:

  • Real-time, data-drivenmonitoring of processes and resources, without location constraints (dispersed processes and smart working);
  • Timely identification of cases of process deviation, slowdown and blockages and related best practices;
  • Estimated economic valuation of inefficiency costs and improvement potential, with dedicated dashboards.

With the partner Celonis, on Tuesday 8th February from 4pm to 6pm, we will deepen these topics with Ezio Russo, Vice President & Country Leader Italy – Celonis and Marco Raveggi, Senior Expert – STAUFEN.ITALIA, also with business cases of application.

During the free Live streaming will be possible to interact with the speakers by asking questions and offering insights.

To join the event, register here: Lean Thinking in the digital age 

For further information: c.veschi@staufen.it

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