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September 27, 2022 | News Germany

The BestPractice Partner Circle visits Insta GmbH in Lüdenscheid. 

The best proof of the effectiveness of Lean Management are the companies that have successfully implemented lean and are continuously developing it. Getting a look at and exchanging ideas with the best in the industry is one of the most sustainable ways to kick-start your own improvement process or revitalize it with fresh ideas.  

At the invitation of Insta GmbH, our BestPractice partners in Lüdenscheid in the Sauerland region gained insights into an unprecedented Lean Transformation that began more than ten years ago. 

Insta GmbH from Lüdenscheid is one of the most innovative companies on the market in the fields of industrial electronics, building technology, Internet of Things and Smart Home. However, rapid developments in the industry do not allow us to rest on our laurels. That is why the BestPractice Partner of Staufen AG has been on a lean journey for more than ten years, keeping it agile and adaptable.  

Alexander Burgbacher, Managing Director of Insta GmbH, explains the motivations and beginnings of Lean Transformation to the guests in his keynote speech “The INSTA Way.” “Our motivating question at the beginning of our lean journey was, ‘How do we take the company out of its comfort zone?’ Because for that you need a good sense of the right timing, trust in the organization, and the courage to have a positive culture of mistakes.” 

A lot has happened since then. The company has now reached a level of maturity through established Shop Floor Management that enables further steps on the path towards becoming a learning organization, and with Kata, Insta management uses an improvement method to achieve defined breakthrough goals in various manufacturing areas. “After Shop Floor Management and developing goals according to Hoshin Kanri, Kata is the next gear in putting the pedal to the metal,” says Lean Office & Kata Coach Maximilian Reintke.  

During the BestPractice visit in Lüdenscheid, the challenges and successes experienced by Insta executives and managers in the transformation process were discussed. During the plant tour, they were available to answer questions from the BestPractice Circle partners. For participating companies, this open exchange is an inspiring opportunity to gain valuable insights for their own improvement process.  

Host Statements

Alexander Burgbacher
Managing Director , INSTA GMBH

For us as hosts, it was an honor and a pleasure to show our Insta Transformation to such renowned companies. It is enriching to exchange with experts outside your own organization.

Our goal was to be a compelling and authentic host, sharing experiences openly and honestly. Personally, it was important to me that our guests had an impulse-packed day and that we gave them something they could benefit from.

Stephan Filthuth
Head of Supply Chain , INSTA GMBH

As the host of the BestPractice Partner Circle, I appreciated the reflective questions and discussions from the professionals. This input personally enriched me. I appreciate the open dialogue and competence of each of the members. Today, I made valuable new contacts and found benchmarks.

Participant Statements

Holger Zweifel
Department Manager Industrial Engineering, IFM EFECTOR GMBH, Tettnang  

The will to change and continuously improve is evident throughout the Insta shop floor and is an active process. It is not a show! All process participants are integrated and the change is tangibly exemplified by top management.

Today’s exchange in the partner circle showed me how important the will of top management and early involvement of employees are. The effectiveness of corporate strategy can be noticeably increased through Hoshin Kanri and the systematic development of a Hancho organization.

Stefan Munsch

What I appreciate about the BestPractice Partner Circle is the plant tours including the discussions that arise and the insights they provide. I’m learning a lot.

Frank Heise
Head of Production, SOLARLUX GMBH, Melle  

The BestPractice Partner Circle is an excellent place for intensive exchange among experts. It provides perspectives of topics that drive us forward and makes us want to tackle new topics as well. The day showed us where we still have room to improve.

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