Sustainability: 5 steps to becoming a climate-neutral company 

October 12, 2022 | News Germany

Lean processes and sustainable business are no longer opposites. With a clear strategic focus, companies can succeed in both. Management consultancy Staufen explains the steps needed to achieve climate neutrality in the current white paper “goGREEN.”

The German government is pushing ahead with the transformation towards becoming a climate-neutral industrialized country by 2045. “To ensure that this ambitious goal is achieved, corporate groups will be held to the same standards as small and medium-sized companies,” says Dr. Björn Falk, Industry Manager Mechanical Engineering at Staufen AG. The sustainability team at the consultancy has therefore developed the “goGREEN” approach, which serves as a compass for owners, board members and managing directors on their climate path. 

Accordingly, the path toward climate neutrality can be divided into the following five steps: 

  1. Create a basic understanding of sustainability, carbon accounting and climate neutrality throughout the company. You will only be able to successfully derive improvement measures from them when there is a common understanding at all levels of what each of these concepts means.
  2. Calculate the current CO2 footprint. This requires complete and high-quality data: both primary data obtained through measurements and secondary data from corresponding databases and authorities.
  3. Using this database , identify the main factors influencing greenhouse gas emissions. This, among other things, will provides a company with information on whether emissions are direct (Scope 1) or indirect (Scope 2 and 3).
  4. Implement measures for a tailored success and improvement program. Important: Before implementing individual measures, determine their respective potential with the help of simulations and calculations.
  5. Continuously improve your own greenhouse gas emissions balance and thereby obtain proof of climate neutrality.

Management consultancy Staufen has compiled detailed measures, valuable tips and practical examples in its current white paper “goGREEN,” which can be requested for free on the Staufen website at Digital edition accessed and as print version.

The “go GREEN” approach at Staufen AG 

The “goGREEN” approach from Staufen AG is based, among other things, on findings on the status quo in terms of sustainability obtained in regular industry studies. In mechanical and plant engineering, for example, but also in the automotive industry and other sectors, numerous companies are still at the beginning of their green transformation. They often lack the right strategy or consistent implementation. “Many lack transparency about how energy or resource-efficient their operations are,” says Staufen Consultant Canan Jungel. But time is running out. Companies must now quickly initiate the necessary transformation and move forward on their path towards climate neutrality. As early as 2024, for example, the group of companies that will be legally required to publish a sustainability report will be greatly expanded. 

“Based on successful Lean Management methods, the Staufen approach to sustainability strategy looks at a company and its supply chain from customers to (sub)suppliers as a whole,” explains sustainability expert Jungel. “goGreen” supports companies in developing their own climate strategy, identifying potential savings and implementing suitable measures based on their carbon footprint. By creating transparency about the major sources of emissions along the value stream and preventing greenhouse gas emissions, companies can also ensure their business success in the future. “With this clear strategic focus, a competitive edge and climate protection measures go hand in hand,” says industry expert Falk with conviction. 

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