November 3, 2021 | News Italy

“‘We need to apply Lean to sales” . You have thought it.  You may have suggested it.

It probably has not gotten the traction it deserves.  You’ve heard:

but sales is so different from production


they don’t talk about process the way we do

The differences are getting in the way of the benefits.

We invite you to a “Talking about Lean in Sales” discussion with Michael Webb and Marco Melioli.

Michael is the internationally known author of Sales Process Excellence, a Shingo Award winning book. Marco is principal of STAUFEN.ITALIA.

Join them for:

  • effectively talking about value in sales
  • how to more. see sales as a system

The experience your organization has had is a great start to improvements that help the sales team and individual salespeople be more successful.  And, that will benefit the rest of the organization through more predictability and better customer relationships.

The webinar is 11 November 2021 at 5 pm (Italy time).  Join the free webinar!
To register: Talking about Lean in Sales 

For more information: c.veschi@staufen.it

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