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July 8, 2022 | Academy, Leadership and Organizational Development, Leadership und Organisationsentwicklung

In times of fundamental upheaval, managers are expected to implement changes in their field. This can only be achieved together with the team. Often, however, measures only progress slowly. This is not because some employees simply do not want to implement change. For example, the Change Readiness Index determined as part of the Staufen study “Companies in Transition” shows that the willingness to take on new tasks is present in the majority of companies. What is lacking, however, is an up-to-date state of knowledge on important topics such as digitization. 

How well prepared are the employees in your company for the working world 4.0?

In 72 % of the companies, employees want to take on new tasks. In less than half, there is an up-to-date level of knowledge.

(Answers “very good” and “good”)

Room for improvement in further training 

We encounter new tasks and challenges every day. Lack of knowledge on IT applications, methodological approaches or new strategic approaches challenge us. Knowledge and skills therefore require continuous updating among all employees, especially as they are being applied.  

Companies can close such gaps through further training, for example through e-learning courses and consistent personnel development. However, many companies are unclear about the talents or special skills that their employees actually possess. Insufficient resources for further training measures or the lack of clarity about what requirement profile employees need are additional reasons why there is still much catching up to do with regards to further training . 

“Further training must not be understood as the accumulation of knowledge on stock, but rather employees must be given access to an attractive portfolio of further training courses with content and didactics that are suitable and that can be implemented in a timely manner, in order to keep themselves “up to date” in the best case scenario – in other words, “learning on demand,” says Guido Gratza, Partner at Staufen AG. 

Employees need access to an attractive training portfolio to keep themselves ‘up to date‘.

Guido Gratza, Partner, Staufen ag

What is your company doing to make employees fit for the flexible working world 4.0?

E-learning has already been successfully implemented in only 4 out of 10 companies. Personnel development is part of strategic corporate development in only one third.

We work with IT-supported training as well as e-learning and self-learning

Personnel development is integrated into the strategic management of the company

We work with IT-supported training as well as e-learning and self-learning

Personnel development is integrated into the strategic management of the company

Teams are where the future of a company is decided.

Dirk Bayas-Linke, Principal, staufen ag

Sustainably implementing innovations and changes 

It is no less important for managers to shape teams in such a way that innovations and changes can be sustainably implemented. “Teams are where the future of a company is decided,” says Dr. Dirk Bayas-Linke, change and leadership expert at Staufen AG. “The more complex the tasks, the more important it is for members to cooperate and trust each other.” 

Staufen has developed special workshops for managers who need to implement dynamic changes with their team. There they learn how the role of a leader must be designed in an agile environment, how to implement effective communication in the team and how to use the resonance of the team to achieve goals. 

High Performance Teams Key

High Performance Teams

Teams are the drivers of innovation and change. (Management) teams form the bridge to the organization. This is where change takes place that is sustainable.

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