ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership

What seems impossible to you is already a reality: visit two of our successful clients and touch on your future goals!

FREE LIVE event| 16-17/10/2024 – 04:00 p.m.-06:00 p.m. | at LAVAZZA and MINIFABER

competitiveness, flexibility, stability-these are the characteristics that companies must have today in order to respond positively to an increasingly complex market environment. We can help you achieve these goals, with ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership!

Today, companies face highly challenging external and internal conditions. Increasingly complex and unstable supply chains, highly demanding market, energy crises, technological innovations: how to remain competitive in this environment? How to respond to the challenges without becoming disrupted? How to maintain stability of results?

To achieve these goals, it is important to have an efficient day-to-day management system in the company. When information does not flow in a structured but, rather, random way, priorities are not clear, people’s roles and responsibilities are not well defined, and leaders’ tasks for managing people and processes are vague, firefighting and “by feel” management of problems and deviations are very common and are a symptom of unorganized business management.

Having an organized and consistent management system makes it possible to:

  • react promptly to deviations from targets and problems
  • permanently solve the problems
  • execute the planned
  • ensure the stability of results
  • ensure stability of processes, quality and lead times

WHY ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership

ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership are two methodologies that, when applied in an integrated and synergistic manner, can improve day-to-day management by working on communication, priorities and accountability.

  • ShopFloor Management® is a people and performance management system. Through direct, regular and structured communication, it enables daily management of performance deviations. It involves multiple hierarchical levels, improving information flow and transferring structured problem solving methodology;
  • Lean Leadership integrates ShopFloor Management® and complements it, in that to be a complete management system, ShopFloor Management® requires specific behavior on the part of operational managers, who must implement a proper Leadership style aimed at improving discipline, Problem Solving skills but, most importantly, avoiding micro-management.

Information thus flows in a structured manner, priorities, roles and responsibilities are well defined and clear, and managers at each level know what recurring tasks to implement to manage people and processes. In this way, it is possible to respond promptly to daily challenges and ensure increased and sustainable performance, that is, repeatable and resistant to changes in context.

WHY you should PARTICIPATE in the event

During the free live event dedicated to ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership, you will be able to exchange views with managers from Lavazza and Minifaber, an essential experience whether you come from the same industry or another. In fact, by devoting time to a fruitful exchange of experiences you will be able to enrich your knowledge and bring new ideas to your company. You will then be able to see problems from another perspective and find new solutions.

You will discover the path taken, the extent of the benefits gained and the obstacles faced.

when and where we expect you

The free live event dedicated to ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership will be held on Wednesday, 16/10, at Lavazza, in Settimo Torinese (TO), and Thursday, 17/10, at Minifaber, in Seriate (BG), 4-6 pm! You can attend one or both dates of your choice for free.

At the conclusion of the meeting, we will say goodbye and answer further questions over an aperitif!

Fabio Salomone, General Manager of STAUFEN.ITALIA, and Carlo Trivellato, Senior Expert of STAUFEN.ITALIA, will be waiting for you.

You can register for free for one or both dates of your choice by filling out the form below.

General Manager | STAUFEN.ITALIA

Senior Expert | STAUFEN.ITALIA


Lavazza, founded in Turin in 1895, is an Italian coffee company
owned by the family of the same name for four generations. Among the world’s leading coffee roasters, the Group is now present in more than 90 countries through subsidiaries and distributors, with 63 percent of revenues generated abroad. The plant in Turin (Settimo Torinese) is one of the largest and most modern coffee roasting and production facilities in the world. Lavazza, for several years now, has also been pursuing process excellence by successfully applying the Lean philosophy. The path of change was greatly accelerated by the introduction of ShopFloor Management® with STAUFEN.ITALIA, first in the pilot area, in the packaging department, and then extended to the entire plant. The strong involvement of all personnel has enabled the plant to achieve an important set of results on the production equipment efficiency (OEE) front thanks to the ability to promptly and systematically address all performance deviations.

Minifaber was founded in 1960 in Villa di Serio (BG) and, since then, has specialized in cold sheet metal working and die design and construction, becoming an international industry leader. From design to semi-finished or finished product, Minifaber masters the technologies and skills necessary to carry out internally every single phase of the production process: from design to feasibility studies, through prototyping and production in small and large series. For this reason, Minifaber is a preferred supplier to prestigious industrial groups operating in the electromechanical, electrical, household appliance, electromedical, lighting and construction sectors. It began in 2022 with STAUFEN.ITALIA an improvement path in Lean perspective, implementing ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership in a pilot area, and then extended the project first to the tooling area, then to other areas. From production, the approach was then applied to the offices as well. This has enabled the company to achieve major benefits in terms of competitiveness, reliability and process management capabilities.

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