The action plan for your digital transformation

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Why digital?

In the near future, to sustain the pace of technological development and to remain competitive in an unstable and rapidly changing market environment, going digital will increasingly be a necessity, not just an opportunity.

Many companies have already embarked on a digital transformation, known as Industry 4.0. In fact, we are increasingly hearing about the Smart Factory, an interconnected network of machines, communication mechanisms and processing capabilities.


Technology must be an enabler of the improvement process, not the end: it must be functional to goals and processes and not a “must have” by definition. One must also not run the risk of digitizing waste and make the correct investments, identifying the solutions that truly improve business processes and thus performance.

The Smart Factory according to the STAUFEN. approach, through the combination of Lean and Digital, avoids these issues and increases the value generated along the Value Stream.

But how to introduce digital into the company? How to be sure that you are making the company more competitive through digital? What is the path to take and what are the key steps? How to be sure not to digitize waste?


Building a Digital Roadmap, or an action plan to implement digital in the company, is a necessary step. It is used to outline all the steps to be taken and the details needed to ensure the success of the digital transformation, taking into consideration the existing technology and the technology to be introduced, the people involved in the transformation and the processes, and also critical issues, methodologies and objectives.

Why should you participate in our streaming?

Our live streaming, starting with methodology and practical cases, aims to provide suggestions for a “smart” Digital Roadmap.

You cannot miss it if you are curious about:

-How a Digital Roadmap works and how it is structured.
-How to avoid wasteful digitization.
-How to introduce digital consistent with business strategy and operational process needs
-What are the benefits

When we wait for you

On Thursday, 09/11, from 17:00 to 18:00, during the free live streaming “Roadmap Digitale”. You will be joined by Claus Mahler, Senior Expert di NEONEX, and Giancarlo Oriani, CEO of STAUFEN.ITALIA.

You can register for the event for free using the form below on this page.

We will be sure to send you an email 24 hours before the event with the link to participate in the streaming. If you do not receive it, please check “junk mail” and, if it is not there, contact us directly at


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