Live TRAINING | 21/03/2024 – 09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m. | at endress+hauser

Today, companies face highly challenging external and internal conditions. Increasingly complex and unstable supply chains, a highly demanding market, energy crises, technological innovations: how to remain competitive in this environment? That is, how to be flexible and respond to challenges while maintaining an orderly and coherent organizational structure?

An organization by definition is based on norms, rules and procedures, which in some way make it rigid. This rigidity, for its part, lends stability to the system. In response to stresses, ideally, this stability should be maintained and critical external or internal factors should not be allowed to disrupt the order of the organization: we therefore speak of structural flexibility.

The organization, however, should be designed at the outset to be flexible, and not be so only because of the impromptu and occasional actions of its actors. Leadership is a means of imparting flexibility to the system, while keeping the organizational structure firmly in place and, indeed, making it its strength. Indeed, leaders, through the performance of specific tasks, enable employees to align themselves with the company’s goals and direct them toward a pattern of behavior that enables them to act proactively and take responsibility and, for example, to react promptly to problems and new needs. It is clear how this is most useful when the company is under stress of various kinds.

How to achieve these results? By building a leadership process that takes into account your business goals and the characteristics of your company. Building a leadership process means defining a set of tools and activities that leaders must use to achieve an expected result.

Why participate in the training?

By participating in the Training, you will learn how to build a real leadership process that enables the development of leadership skills in employees. You will discover benefits, techniques and results of the approach.

You will also be able to take a close look at a concrete case of successful Lean Leadership implementation and hear testimony from top managers from Endress+Hauser, our BestPractice Partner, who have been leading the change.


Leadership excellence accompanies process excellence within an effective Lean Transformation. This is the only way to generate an overall system of value creation that leads to higher and sustainable performance, i.e., repeatable and resistant to contextual changes.

This is also possible with the support of ShopFloor Management®, a system that, through direct, regular and structured communication, enables managers at all levels to manage people and performance and to detect deviations in processes early and resolve them.

Some results in numbers*:

Delivery performance: 95% to 98%
Production efficiency: 49% to 80%
Non-quality: 1100 ppm to 700 ppm

*Results achieved by Endress+Hauser through the implementation of ShopFloor Management® and Lean Leadership from 2016 to present.

When we wait for you

Thursday, 21/03, from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m., at Endress+Hauser, Pessano con Bornago (MI).

Trainer: Carlo Trivellato, Senior Expert at STAUFEN.ITALIA.

You can register for the training using the form below on this page.

Senior Expert | STAUFEN.ITALIA



The participation fee is €790 + VAT. For multiple participants from the same company, a subsidized price will be applied.

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