New White Paper: This is how Supply Chain Network Management makes companies crisis-resistant and well prepared for the future

February 10, 2023

Too many companies have focused their supply chain solely on the factor of costs for far too long. This point of view fully ignores that competition is no longer between individual companies, but has long since been played out between complex networks. The current multicrisis has now ruthlessly exposed the failures. In the new white paper “Supply Chain Network Management – Strengthening Robustness, Resilience and Responsiveness”, the Staufen business consulting firm explains how to successfully reconfigure the value network and thereby ensure that companies remain competitive in the long term.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, massive disruptions in global commerce and the outbreak of the war in Ukraine have been burdening the economy. “This year, too, will not see any relief for the industry with its international suppliers and buyers,” says Canan Jungel, Head of Supply Chain Network Management at Staufen AG. The danger posed by the Corona wave in China with possible closures of factories and ports has not yet been averted.”Pandemics, geopolitical risks, natural disasters, and sanctions are only a few of the issues that are likely to continue to impact the value network and cause substantial problems in the future,” Jungel said.” says Jungel. This is why Staufen AG has collaborated with Swiss colleagues at Staufen.Inova to develop an approach for a modern Supply Chain Network Management. In addition to the classic performance criteria, this approach focuses on the dimensions of robustness, responsiveness, and resilience. The corresponding white paper can be downloaded free of charge.


“Today, companies have to ask themselves whether the current crises are the cause of delays, failures, and rising costs, or whether they are instead uncovering past failures because they focused too much on the issue of costs,” says Thomas Spiess, member of the management board of Staufen.Inova AG. So, returning to a competitive performance level automatically causes the supply chain network to be reconfigured. Not only does this include the analysis from the operating model to network design, plus areas Data & Digitalization as well and Planning & Control, but also the implementation of a risk management. “Unless risk management is embedded throughout the organization, companies are vulnerable to future threats to their value network,” explains Spiess.

The new white paper from Staufen AG

  • Illustrates the future challenges and requirements of the value creation network,
  • Addresses specific dimensions of successful supply chain network management,
  • Explains the need for a risk management,
  • And shows how companies can can achieve a successful network in 5 steps.

A network in which the potential for risk is determined early, thereby helping the company to increase its competitive ability permanently and sustainably.

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