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Digitizing business processes to improve performance


Scarce and inaccurate data and the inability to obtain information quickly and systematically are common and widespread conditions in companies. Manual collection is often undertaken, which is time-consuming and gives little reliance.

Today’s increasingly competitive environment requires agility and resilience. Responding to such a situation requires increased information processing and decision-making capabilities.

Today we are hearing more and more about Industry 4.0. Indeed, there are many companies that have embarked on digital transformation paths.

In fact, digitizing information remedies this harmful situation and consequently improves organizational performance. Digital enables information to be more available, responses to be more effective, and decisions to be implemented more quickly.

For a company to manage information is crucial to achieving its goals. It is therefore obvious how useful the support of digital technologies is in this regard, as long as they are functional to the objectives and processes. Faced with such a structured organization, we speak of a “Smart Factory“. In our view at Staufen, this combines the principles of Lean Production and elements of Industry 4.0, i.e., digital, and allows for increasing the value generated along the Value Stream, rather than digitizing waste.

Digital enhances the Lean approach: technology becomes an enabler of the Lean improvement process, whereby improvement decisions and priorities can be based on targeted, accurate and timely data. By identifying the potential for smart improvement, processes characterized by Industry 4.0 can subsequently be optimized according to Lean techniques.

Digital transformation is developed through a roadmap, an itinerary that defines the company’s step-by-step approach to digitization.

How is this pathway structured? How does it enable improved process performance?

Come and find out at the RoadShow date dedicated to Digital! We look forward to seeing you on Friday, December 02, live streaming from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with Industrie De Nora.

We will see the digital roadmap undertaken by the company and hear about their experience, the difficulties encountered and overcome, and the benefits achieved.

Participants will include: Gianluca Fazio, Digital Innovation Program Manager of Industrie De Nora, and Edoardo Bolgè, Project Manager of STAUFEN.ITALIA.

Project Manager| STAUFEN.ITALIA

Digital Innovation Program Manager | Industrie De Nora

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