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STAUFEN. is a world-leading consulting firm in Lean Management, headquartered in Köngen, near Stuttgart, Germany, with offices in Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, China, Brazil and Mexico in addition to Italy. STAUFEN. operates in multiple business sectors such as automotive, mechanical, plant engineering, pharmaceutical, and food. Client companies range in size from medium-sized companies to multinational corporations.

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STAUFEN. is one of the “World’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2022!” This ranking was compiled for the first time by Forbes in collaboration with Statista. The important consulting markets of the United States, Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan were analyzed in detail. In total, 27 sectors and functional areas were considered. STAUFEN. ranks among the best in the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace, logistics and food sectors. We also rank among the best in the areas of strategic development, operations, restructuring, organization and supply chain management.


STAUFEN. supports companies in realizing the Lean Enterprise through the so-called Lean Transformation, a change geared not only to optimize value creation and management processes, increasing the effectiveness of product innovation and development and order fulfillment processes, but also to stimulate a true managerial “cultural revolution,” without which performance would not be sustainable over time. Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Food & Beverage
  • Luxury
  • Pharmaceutics


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Numerous companies have chosen us to embark on a Lean Transformation journey. With our support, they have been able to achieve process and performance excellence. Find out more in the videos below of Success Stories from leading companies: you can listen to the testimonies of the protagonists of change.

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In addition to consulting, STAUFEN. offers training programs, both with public and in-house trainings, training managers and employees to understand and apply Lean logic and methods geared toward operational excellence and effective leadership.

Over 110 instructors and 90 international BestPractice Partners (successful companies operating in a wide range of industries and sizes) provide you with the support you need to achieve top performance. We offer training with a practical focus, customizable in-house seminars, comprehensive training programs, BestPractice visits and tours, conferences and events.         

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Staufen’s magazine for change

In today’s complex times, companies around the world are facing momentous challenges: the rising costs of supply, raw materials and energy, the increasingly difficult availability of components, the repercussions of the recent war conflict, the aftermath of the pandemic, which is not yet completely over, but also the commitment to sustainability.

STAUFEN. wants to bring its own contribution to the reflection with examples from: Germany, Italy, China, Brazil, the Netherlands, Austria, the United States and Switzerland.

Through the exciting stories of our clients, accompanied by in-depth interviews with industry experts, thought leaders and business executives, as well as interesting insights into BestPractice companies, you will discover interesting insights into how to meet contemporary challenges.

You need to be able to manage winding paths and be responsive in order to be competitive. Increasingly aware of being part of an ecosystem.

What will you find inside?

  • Real case histories of customers and suppliers
  • Concrete cases from the Italian and European markets

And important contributions on topical issues:

  • Digitization
  • Sustainability
  • Supply Chain
  • Operational Excellence
  • Development of effective strategies
  • Leadership

In a nutshell? With our magazine we want to try to answer the complex question: what do I need to do as a company to remain competitive in a sustainable way?

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