Increase reactivity and profit with Product Modularization

FREE Live STREAMING | 14/05/2024 – 05:00 p.m.

For years, we have been in a so-called customer’s market and characterized by ever-increasing dynamism. It is clear, therefore, how companies must simultaneously pursue two goals: on the one hand, to offer a wide range of products with high customization possibilities, which are constantly being updated, in order to meet customers’ needs and win their trust and thus remain competitive; on the other hand, to reduce costs as much as possible and keep the efficiency of production and distribution processes high.

In order to maintain external variety, i.e., that perceived by the customer in terms of breadth of range and customization and useful in terms of competitiveness, while reducing the related costs (production, logistics, warehousing, technical, and sometimes even personal in terms of stress), it is necessary to reduce internal variety, i.e., the vast number of ever-changing components that are needed to support the external variety offered.

A strategic solution for companies are modularization and standardization, which consist in breaking down the product into standardized parts (so-called modules), which can be assembled together in various ways, thanks to equally standardized interfaces. It is thus possible to ensure simultaneous benefits of cost and differentiation: the customer has access to a wide range of products, with the possibility of customization; the manufacturer can meet the variety of demand, but reducing costs and achieving better product performance.

But how to actually apply these methodologies in the company?

The first step is to measure the past and future costs of variant management. Only then can strategies to reduce them be defined.

On Tuesday, May 14, 5-6 p.m., we will explore these issues in free live streaming with Roberto Malaguti, Partner of Odexa, and Giancarlo Oriani, CEO of STAUFEN.ITALIA.

We will look at methodological aspects and practical activities that can be implemented to reduce the costs of variant proliferation.

You can register for the event for free using the form below on this page.

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